Beers of Vancouver, vol. 11

Plenty of beer names lend themselves to silly jokes.  Big Rock, for instance, once sold a rather tasty porter named Cold Cock (it was a winter seasonal brew, and featured a snow-covered rooster on the label).  Mix 8.5% ABV beer with a large group of undergrads and no penis joke, innuendo, or double entendre will go untold.  (We had, for example, a few beer nerds — remarkably, I wasn’t one of them at the time — holding forth about the mouth feel of a Cold Cock.  I’ll stop now.)

You won’t find a Cold Cock in your liquor store’s beer fridge these days, as the beer’s been discontinued.  If you’re lucky, though, you might find a Dead Guy — Rogue brews a 6.5% ABV, sweet, and somewhat spiced beer by that name.  You’ll be able to invite someone in with the promise of a couple of well-chilled Dead Guys in the fridge.  Dead Guy obviously lends itself more towards the morbid humour than the sexual, but it’s remarkably versatile.

Dead Frog Brewery (from Aldergrove, BC), however, is tacky enough to put its own joke on the label: “Nothing goes down like a cold dead frog.”  (They also advertise by the slogan “There’s more hops in a dead frog.”)  Not only is the name less versatile than the two mentioned above, but the brewery itself takes the fun out of it by pointing out the best jokes.

Of course, no-one buys a beer simply to crack wise about its name.  We buy beer to drink it.

Right now I’m drinking Dead Frog’s Nut Brown ale.  It’s rather reminiscent of Steamworks’ in-house nut brown, only a bit less interesting.  It’s a malty beer, but has a very short-lived and almost sharp flavour.  Not much of an aftertaste, as you’d expect.  Imagine what Newcastle Brown would taste like if it was brewed for adults, and you’re on the right track.

Dead Frog’s nut brown ale is a decent, workmanlike, unremarkable beer.  I don’t feel as though I wasted my money, but I probably won’t buy it again.

1 Response to “Beers of Vancouver, vol. 11”

  1. January 5, 2009 at 16:02

    I have some in the house right now, and I have to agree. Drinkable, but uninteresting.

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