Beers of Vancouver, vol. 10

All this government upgefuckery is enough to drive one to new and interesting drink.

I’ve had it pretty good on the beer front for quite some time now, with an excellent selection of cheap good euro-Lagers and some decent local porters, stouts, and IPAs.  Still, there’s always room for another good beer, and Okanagan Spring Brewery has introduced one: its Black Lager.

Columbia Brewery used to produce Kootenay Black Lager, which I enjoyed but didn’t obssess over.  It seemed rather like “Guinness light” to me — very similar in taste, with slightly less of a dry and bitter aftertaste, and nowhere near as thick as the beer that eats like a meal.  Okanagan Spring Black Lager is very different: it’s slightly thicker, like St. Ambroise Noire oatmeal stout, and stays in the mouth for a good long time without being syrupy.  Its taste is almost entirely roasted caramel malt; the label claims that it’s a “crisp-tasting lager” but it’s not bitterly hoppy like, say, a good IPA.

OSB’s Black Lager is fucking amazing beer.

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