How to enjoy a beer

You’d think this would be pretty easy, right?

  1. Drink tasty beer
  2. See 1., above

This is a workable model, but it’s far from optimal.  There are far more considerations:

Al covers storage, temperature, pouring, and food pairings (among other things).  These are all important steps, and even if you aren’t willing to select a beer that pairs perfectly with your dinner, let it sit to achieve an optimal temperature, and pour it properly into an appropriate glass — you’ll probably enjoy most of your beer more if you at least consider these things.

For a counterpoint, Lucky reviews Miller High Life:

Here’s the bit where these two seemingly opposed articles come together:

High Life is what I would call a good pizza beer. It won’t replace my beloved Grain Belt Premium, but since I live in a state where the glorious butter-beer is not sold, High Life will do the trick. It’s light, crisp, and thoroughly satisfying. The head is rather thin but, come on, it’s a pilsner.


If you’re going to focus upon the beer — if you’re dedicating the last hour of your evening to the ebon pint of stout, for instance — then it’s surely worth taking the extra time to wash out a suitable glass, warm your beer, and pour it properly.  If you expect to be distracted from your beer (by pizza, for example), your time would be better spent on the main attraction: the beer’s a side dish.  If you’ve hit the point in your evening where more beer is too much, but much more beer is just right: the attraction is that you’re drinking, not what you’re drinking, so just grab the first thing you see.


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