Beers of Milwaukee, vol. 10

Let’s do some more thick dark beer.

First up: Great Divide brewing company’s Yeti Imperial Stout: “Great Men Drink Alike”. It’s a wonderfully thick, dark, rich beer — bittersweet, very strong (9.5%, apparently!), slow to drink and very tasty. A bottle of this stuff is likely to last as long as a six-pack. (It may also cost as much as a six-pack: six-fifty in beer-loving Milwaukee.)

Next is a similar, but different, beer: Three FloydsBlack Sun Stout. It’s much more bitter than sweet, and a little bit fruity, but nonetheless wonderfully thick, dark, and rich. I believe it’s a bit hoppier than Yeti Imperial Stout; in any case, it’s easier to drink than Great Divide’s snow monster. (That’s a shame, as it’s about a buck more expensive per bottle.)

I began the evening with the Yeti, and finished it with the Black Sun, but I think I’d have enjoyed them both better had I begun with the Black Sun stout. (Actually, I began the evening with some lovely extra-dry sherry, followed by an Australian shiraz with dinner. Those don’t count.) The Black Sun gets one in the proper mindset for relentlessly thick, rich dark beer, but is a bit more forgiving on the palate due to its hoppiness. (Actually, one might lead in with a Flying Dog Doggie Style Pale Ale.) Once properly (re-)acquainted with the delights of stout, one can move on to the stronger, less user-friendly Yeti. Having properly disposed thereof, one might finish the evening with a pint of Young’s Double Chocolate Stout — or, perhaps, Flying Dog’s Gonzo Imperial Porter.

At any rate, both Yeti and Black Sun are serious contenders for the title of Matt’s Favourite Beer Ever. I think I’ll need to pick up a few more bottles of both, along with some Double Choclate Stout, some Gonzo Imperial Porter, some more of Goose Island’s Oatmeal Stout, and — just for good measure — some of Tree’s London Spy Porter… and have a few long-term beer tastings.

Of course, it would take several dozen to decide a clear winner. Ain’t that a shame?

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