Beers of Vancouver, vol. 1

A friend of mine came to visit for the last few days. We, um, had a few beers.

The first new beer to stand out was Russell’s Cream Ale. It’s not entirely new to me — I’ve had it before, at Bridges on Granville Island. This time, though, we discovered it at the pub just up the hill. It’s a very good beer, a bit on the rich side, fruity without being sweet. It is, of course, dark and thick. Strongly recommended, if you can find it — Russell Brewing Company isn’t exactly a household name, although perhaps it ought to be.

The second new beer to stand out was Canterbury Mild Dark — but not in a good way. I saw a few people buying it at the local government liquor store. It’s fairly cheap, and I’ve had good experiences with mild darks before — Okanagan Springs makes a tasty one. I decided to pick up a six-pack.

It isn’t very good beer.

Canterbury Mild Dark has a harsh, chemical taste and a similarly unpleasant aftertaste. It also gave me a dizzy, nauseated hangover, despite the usual precautions (plenty of food and gallons of water). I’d drink it again, if it was free, and my only other option was — for example — Labatt Blue. Otherwise, I’ll take the extra two-dollar hit and get something really enjoyable.

The last beer on my list is Steamworks’ Lions Gate Lager. It doesn’t stand out — except, perhaps, as the only mediocre beer I’ve ever had at Steamworks. It’s thin, light, and almost entirely without flavour. If I want to drink Canadian, I know where to find it. (After dutifully finishing the pint, I consoled myself with some of their India Pale Ale, which was strong, hoppy, and delightful as ever.)

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