Beers of Milwaukee, vol. 3

Subtitle: Yet More Flying Dog!

Okay, Snake Dog IPA is pretty damn good. In fact, I’d say it’s as good as Doggie Style Classic Pale Ale, only it looks lighter and may in fact be stronger. The hops taste is just as noticeable, and just as appreciated.

I’ve also picked up yet another six-pack of Road Dog porter. That stuff must be imbibed to be believed. It’s lighter than most other porters I’ve tasted, but nonetheless competes on flavour and sheer force of will. If I was limited to a single pint of beer, I’d probably drink Murphy’s or Young’s double-chocolate stout. Those two are strong, thick, and robust beers. But given a six-pack — no question, Road Dog wins the day.

In other news, it’s no longer impossible to find Stella Artois (Belgian prole piss — but it is awfully tasty prole piss) in the Greater Milwaukee area. This is notable because Stella is my mother’s favourite beer of all time.

It’s also notable because Stella’s slogan these days seems to be “Perfection has it’s price”. Let me expand that apostrophe for those of you who aren’t grammar fascists: “Perfection has it is price”. Does that sound like perfection to you? I think not. Come the fuck on, the “its/it’s” rules are about as easy as it gets in the English language. How can Stella fail to abide by such a simple dictum?

At any rate, we bought a case of Stella, and mom’s happy. Life is good — and no-one’s drinking my Flying Dog but me.

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  1. January 11, 2007 at 09:05

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