Beers of Milwaukee, vol. 1

I’m in Milwaukee (well, actually Wauwatosa, but no-one — including the INS guy at YVR — seems to know where that is), and as you might expect I’m drinking beer. The beer in hand is Xingu, which while it sounds vaguely Chinese, is in fact Brazilian. It’s a smooth, sweet dark beer, mildly reminiscent of other South American dark beers. The closest beer I can think of at the moment is Brahma, which is also Brazilian (I think — their website is inordinately obnoxious and I can’t be arsed to navigate it at this hour) and sweet, but sure as hell ain’t dark. The closest beer to Xingu in the fridge at the moment is probably Rogue Brewery’s Dead Guy Ale — Dead Guy is stronger and in all respects better. Xingu tries to be all goth and stuff with a black-and-gold colour scheme and a “heart of darkness” (or some such) packaging theme; Dead Guy features a beer that doesn’t rely on packaging (but if you’re into that sort of thing — I’m not gonna judge — it has a skeleton drinking beer on the box). “The horror, the horror.”

While we’re on dark American beers, my favourite is probably Flying Dog Brewery’s Road Dog Porter. It’s rich with a chocolate taste, but not overwhelmingly so; goes down easily, but has plenty of flavour. A close second is Great Lakes’ Brewing Company’s Edmund Fitzgerald Porter — objectively the same, but without Road Dog’s “where’d my six-pack go?” quality. (Credit to my father for introducing me to Edmund Fitzgerald this summer.) Dead Guy is probably third on the list, and the only beer of the top three which I’ve been able to obtain in Canada. It’s strong, thick, and sweet — more of a porter than an ale, as far as I’m concerned, but I don’t care what Rogue calls it as long as I can drink it. Residents of the greater Milwaukee area will note that I haven’t mentioned Sprecher’s or Leinenkugel’s dark beers, and are encouraged to buy me six-packs to remedy that discrepancy.

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