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Car porn, baby!

When was the last time you fapped to a Nordschleife video?

In seven minutes and nine seconds you’ll be able to say “tonight”:

Fullscreen, high quality, you know the drill.


Here’s a balls-achingly tiny gif of Valtteri Bottas slinging what’s probably the best pass of the season on Esteban Gutierrez at COTA this past weekend.


And finally, some build threads magic.  We’ll start with a 1986 MkII Supra


…and finish with a 1/4-scale fuel-injected V8.


Another case of the journalism majors

The attentive reader will recall that I’m not a big fan of the New York Times.  I’ll let Jalopnik provide one more datum:

The New York Times ran a piece this weekend with the foreboding title “THE END OF CAR CULTURE” (and people accuse us of clickbait). Here’s why you should take that claim with a grain of yellow cake uranium.


Also, vintage car porn:

That’s Ari Vatanen demolishing Pike’s Peak before they went and paved everything.


Better than caffeine

Want a little help waking up this morning?  Or maybe you’re one of the doom-mongers who insist that next year’s turbo-V6 Formula One engines are going to sound like apathetic vacuum cleaners?

Well, click on over to Renault Sport’s website and have a listen to their new compound-turbo mill.  Might want to grab a few tissues before you do, though.

(h/t: Jalopnik)


Your gallery of Le Mans car porn is…

…up at Jalopnik.


A minimal rebuttal

Frances Woolley needs ten points (twelve, if you count her citations as arguments from authority) to argue that bicycles are cooler than cars.  I only need two to rebut:

  1. Cars are powered by explosions.  More to the point, most cars are powered by exploding prehistoric flora.  (Okay, technically it’s deflagrating, but shut up.)
  2. Steve fucking McQueen.

(Note that the motivated reader can combine my rebuttal with some of Woolley’s arguments to claim, rather persuasively, that motorcycles are cooler than both bicycles and cars.  This should come as a surprise to precisely no-one.)


Car porn: Audi R18 + Monza = Eargasm

If this isn’t the coolest thing you’ve seen and heard all year, you’re wrong:

(h/t Axis of Oversteer)



One of the great tragedies of our time is that the vast majority of incredibly capable hypercars will never be driven near ten percent of their potential.  These fantastic performance machines are relegated to status objects, to be kept in pristine climate-controlled garages and shown off to dutifully-admiring guests at cocktail parties.

Youtube, as ever, restores my faith in humankind:

(The careful reader will detect a certain amount of hyperbole in this post — but holy shit that Enzo looks like it’s having FUN.)


Questions that should never need to be asked

In case you haven’t heard, it’s Corvette C7 Reveal Time over at Jalopnik, in which they gloat the fuck out of how their officially-denied leaked preview images look more or less exactly like the real thing.  Also, they title a story thus:

Guys, lemme sit you down for a second.

What part of Corvette do you not understand?

The ‘vette is America’s Supercar.  For many young buyers, that’s all you need, because supercar.  For the rest of them, it doesn’t matter what you do — they see a tiny trunk and no real back seat and a bigass V8 they “don’t need”, and then they go off and buy the Japanese (“they’re so reliable!”) crossover they were going to buy in the first place.

If the first group of young buyers aren’t picking up fresh-out-of-Bowling Green C6s (and, soon, C7s) right off the dealer’s lot, it’s not because the cars don’t have teh sexxy — it’s because they’re priced in the high five figures.  Young buyers who insist on a ‘vette are probably going to end up with a four-figure used C4 or an only slightly pricier used C5, because (spoiler warning) young buyers aren’t generally dripping in cash.

On the other hand, the article treats us to a link titled “carbon fiber sex dungeon“, so that’s pretty cool.

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